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Heat Pumps - Repair Versus Replace

When dealing with large equipment failure, especially equipment as important and necessary as your AC or Furnace, replacement can be a VERY expensive option! When your unit has a faulty heat pump, you may be told it needs to be replaced, but heat pumps CAN be repaired. The HVAC industry as a whole has begun to recommend replacement on many heat pumps and other equipment and components that may very well be repairable.

Repairs take time for accurate diagnosis, and many HVAC companies do not have the quality of technician, nor the time to diagnose, and do not even give the customer the option of repair. As an informed consumer, you have the right to a detailed explanation as to what is failing within your unit and why any specific component, including the heat pump, cannot be repaired rather than replaced. You have the right to ask to see your parts and get a visual inspection of the failing part, as well as a visual inspection of the new part, and the technician should be able to explain the differences in working vs. non-working parts.

A seasoned technician should also be able to explain the possible differences in outcome when you are deciding to repair vs. replace as well as how long a repair may last until a replacement is needed. These are all very important factors in your decision making process and you deserve to be informed.

At Tradewinds Mechanical, we always fully diagnose all failing equipment and explain ALL existing options to our customers. We provide detailed descriptions, visual inspections, and we educate our customers fully on every service call. Tradewinds technicians pride themselves in their diagnostic and mechanical ability and will always provide detailed written documentation. No gimmicks – just good, honest service!