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Thermostats: Analog Or Digital

New Technology in Comfort Systems Controls

The THERMOSTAT is the electrical interface to the large Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment in your attic, on your roof, or outside, allowing you to control your internal conditioned areas to specific levels of comfort. Many businesses still have analog thermostats in use – the bulky ones with the tab on the side or bottom that slides along the stat to set the temperature – but there have been great advances in the ease and functionality of thermostats in recent years with the introduction of digital thermostats. Digital thermostats increase ease of use with their back lit displays, large, easy to read temperature displays, and push button arrows for temperature control. The ability to program your business comfort system is essential in saving on energy bills.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Digital Thermostats?

Businesses benefit greatly from digital thermostats due to their expanded programming options. A business can program a zone and digitally lock the thermostat so that programming cannot be adjusted, while still allowing others to adjust by 1-2 degrees for comfort. This saves big on energy bills for businesses and helps to avoid those inevitable spats about office temperatures by limiting access and keeping a more constant, average temperature throughout your business.

Days, weeks, and weekends can be set separately by the hour to meet your individual businesses needs. Some advanced thermostats even have stationary and roaming remote sensors allowing for superior zone control – you can be sure the area you are working in is the exact temperature you set it to. Digital thermostats can also display information such as time, outside temp, internal and external humidity levels, etc.

Because of these benefits and options, digital thermostats have now replaced analog thermostats as a standard in commercial and residential settings. New construction is using them exclusively and as older thermostats fail in existing homes and businesses, they are being replaced with new, up to date digital stats.

You May Qualify for a FREE Digital Thermostat

Tradewinds Mechanical is now offering a free digital thermostat replaced with any air conditioning unit replacement. Give us a call at (702) 286-7572 to schedule an inspection for your system and see if you qualify for a Free Digital Thermostat today.