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Tradewinds Mechanical's New Look

Welcome to new Tradewinds Mechanical website! We have a new look and new logo, but we will continue to offer you the same quotes, dependable HVAC-R service, and maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair.

Our History

For 13 years, Tradewinds has built its business by continuously building its reputation, never just relying on it. Tradewinds takes pride in its ability to repair and maintain heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems in the most expedient and economical way possible. We are the Las Vegas company that troubleshoots and looks for repair solutions before ever suggesting a total system replacement. Our reputation has been built on saving our customers money through our ability to diagnose and find solutions, keeping your systems performing like new. Our technicians look for and employ the right solution for each commercial need. Our company has been built on referrals from over the past 13 years. That’s the best compliment we could ever receive! Thank you to all our existing Customers. We look forward to earning the trust of all of our new and future customers.

Our Customers

Tradewinds’ clients refer our name and number to other businesses they know because they trust we have their best interest in mind.

Our team communication is transparent and conveys all options available, each scope of work, and its respective cost, in order for the customer to make informed decisions for their business.

Many HVAC-R failures come as a surprise at the worst time, especially with the dramatic temperature changes seen in our Las Vegas valley. Our regularly scheduled maintenance programs are very popular with facility and operations managers because they trust us to inspect regularly and help them avoid as many potential issues as possible. Tradewinds’ online customer portal helps keep our customers at ease and ensures your quotes, repairs, maintenance visits, costs, and projects stay on track and on budget. We will continue to be a premier contractor to commercial warehouses, restaurants, retail establishments, casinos, care facilities, and more.

Looking forward to many more decades of service to you!

Thank you for your business.